Struktur Organisasi Mahasiswa Himpunan


Students are the next generation of the nation’s struggles to compete in the Global era. The students are expected to not only master the field of science that is occupied on campus, but also other fields that can support their success in the future.

The Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Study Program (PG-PAUD) is oriented towards early childhood education and learning. Students are comfortable and fun to form a characterized personality as the base towards the adult stage so that really created the regeneration of the nation’s expectations. As a prospective educator, students of PG-PAUD FKIP Unsyiah are not only oriented to lectures but also related to activities that can be dedicated to the people and the nation.

Therefore, on October 1, 2011, a new set was set up at FKIP Universitas Syiah Kuala. The set is named HIMAPAUDI which is an abbreviation of the Early Childhood Education Student Association. The management of this organization was inaugurated by one of the lecturers of PG-PAUD on Saturday 10 November 2012.

HIMAPAUDI is a place for students of PG-PAUD FKIP Unsyiah to communicate with each other intellectually and independently in campus organization system. Aspirations and potential students can be developed through activities facilitated by this organization.

The work program HIMAPAUDI during the period of 2011/2012 is as follows:

  1. Routine recitation held every Saturday at 14.30 WIB until the arrival of ‘Asar prayer time. Pengajian is guided by a Ustadz named Tgk. Ibrahim. Participants who attended the recitation consisted of the students of PG-PAUD FKIP Unsyiah.
  2. Aneuk PAUD (TeaRap) Friendly Meeting in 2012 for the first time. This activity is one of the activities to welcome new students PG-PAUD, this activity is silaturrahmi between student leting 2011 with leting 2012.
  3. APE exhibition in enlivening APEC event in 2013 at FKIP Unsyiah.

Structure HIMAPAUDI PG-PAUD FKIP UNSYIAH Period 2017/2018



Organizational Structure Student Association PG-PAUD Alumni FKIP Unsyiah 2012



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